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Oneness Water

Oneness Mineral Water is from water that has passed down from the highlands through millions of layers of magnificent rocks and minerals, naturally and delicately filtrated down into

a deep underground river for thousands of years.


With accumulated water pressures in the underground canal

over time, the water is pushed to rise above the ground,

producing a fresh natural spring mineral water

with stable cool temperature and creating

a clear, pure and uncontaminated sacred well. 

The Legend

In the ancient time, in the North of Thailand, a story has been told that at the opposite end of

Oneness water well was called, “Mont Sadhu” hill situated the large stone circle

that Sadhus and Pilgrims used to pray and meditate.

From Mont Sadhu, there was an ancient pathway that embedded with rock pavements

leading down towards the well.  Sadhus had walked on these pavements to collect water

from the well for their ceremonies and daily consumption.

It was believed the well contained sacred water that the person

who drank the water would become healed and healthy well-being. 


During the excavation of this ancient site, ancient tools such as axes

and bow arrows were found scattered around the site.

The legend has been told that the area was once the land with abundance of resources

where people in the old days visited the place for hunting and gathering food supplies.

Ideal Mineral Water

Ideal Natural Mineral Water should originate from clean rain water passes through many layers of Earth soils and rocks, from high attitudes naturally filtering all the way down into natural deep underground water river or well beneath the Earth surface. 


For a long period of time, water slowly absorbs Mother Earth's natural minerals that render useful health benefits. 

With enough water pressure accumulated for hundreds of years, underground river finds its way back up and creates a natural fountain above the Earth surface, with no contamination from surroundings.

Two types of mineral water: one with added minerals and one that is of natural minerals.  Then it should pass through UV filtration process and should be bottled directly at the source.  


Important minerals in water that yield health benefits to the body are those that HIGH in Calcium, HIGH in Magnesium, HIGH in Silica, HIGH in Bicarbonate, LOW in Sodium (for certain patients) and LOW in Fluoride.  Heavy metals should NOT be significant.  


Noted that good quality mineral water, when consumed, should quench your thirst from the very first sips.    

The Legend
Ideal Mineral Water
The Water
Oneness mineral water

Mineral Values & Benefits


calcium (100.0 ml/L.)

silica (12.2 ml/L.)

magnesium (4.0 ml/L.)

sodium (1.83 ml/L.)

sulfate (1.0 ml/L.)

potassium (0.62 ml/L.)

nitrate (0.38 ml/L.)

fluoride (0.28 ml/L.)

Calcium helps with nervous system, regulates the heart function and lowers blood pressure.  However, it should be taken with Magnesium in order for effective absorption of Calcium into the bone matters.  Deficiency in calcium may cause muscle cramps, tooth decay, insomnia, nervousness and depression. 


Magnesium is very important for aiding bone growth, balancing heart rhythm, asthma and kidney stones, and easing PMS.


Silica helps with collagen elasticity of all connecting tissues, tendons and cartilage in the body.  It helps with plaque clogging in blood vessels and reduces aches and pains to maintains body’s flexibility. 

Without sufficient silica, magnesium and vitamin K2, calcium cannot absorb into bones; but remains in blood which potentially causing arterial plaque.

The Products


Oneness Water - 500ml

Oneness Water - 500ml

(12 pack)

Our Sacred Sanctuary

'Oneness Sanctuary'

Place for Peaceful Meditation

& Spiritual Healing


Situated close to Mae Hae area in

Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Quiet modern renaissance building with large foyer, court yard, large garden and parking. 

Beautifully decorated according to

Oneness concept.

Six different room sizes with air conditions

that are suitable for spiritual teaching

& healing sessions as well as

individual meditation room rentals.






please contact us for more details

Our Sanctuary

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